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 Name:    robert
 Comment:    3-3-2018 @ 14:39 

Hello friends I am new here. I have been finding many blogs and gone through This has all types of Instructions and Explanation related to blogs or articles. I am a excellent animator just have a look

 Name:    parag
 Comment:    13-2-2018 @ 21:20 

Excellent service

 Name:    Laiq shaikh
 Comment:    11-9-2016 @ 21:05 

I am very much disappointed this time due followindlg things
I received the cake without the name written on it although the same is mentioned during ordering order no 318666
Why the cost is so high I didnt understand the logic behind it against the supplied cake quality its expensive than monginis!!!!!!???????

Administrator Replied on 10/7/2016 5:10:34 PM:

Greetings from Team Santronix!
Refer to your order# 318666 for delivery of Cake to Jalgaon on 07th September 2016 followed by your Guestbook comment on delivery concerns. We accept and regret that the said cake has been delivered without your given message due to delivery personís error.

Regarding quality and cost, please be ***ured that the costing charged as per the current market rates and same may be compared well with other mentioned brands as well with all aspects of quantity, quality and freshness.

We express sincere regret on this delivery message concern and ***ure that delivery shall be taken with utmost care.

Best regards

Team are

 Name:    Suvarna
 Comment:    28-8-2015 @ 21:47 

I always like your service. It's so quick and secured. I am using almost from 5 to 6 years. I am very happy to have your service in Jalgaon. Thanks and Regards. Suvarna

 Name:    utkarsha
 Comment:    16-5-2015 @ 20:27 

very good service

 Name:    PRASHANT
 Comment:    16-3-2015 @ 15:49 


 Name:    Girish Bhangale
 Comment:    11-5-2014 @ 19:55 

I am using Ejalgaon website to send gift and sweets from long time and I am very happy with service and qulity of the products they deliver.

 Name:    Patil
 Comment:    25-12-2013 @ 05:01 

Goo service!! I have used this website before to send gifts, but now I need to create a login to shop. I should be able to shop without a login.

 Name:    Archana Patil
 Comment:    2-11-2013 @ 19:14 

I would like to see more selection of gifts/sweets/cakes/chocolates etc.

Also if you can have rakhi selections during raksha bandhan that would be very helpfull.

 Name:    Rahul Birari
 Comment:    22-5-2012 @ 11:59 

Hi Ejalgaon,You made my work so easy.I was pleased and wish to thank team EJalgaon making the purchase a unforgettable and memorable one. Thank you once again.

 Name:    Sikke van der Veen
 Comment:    30-1-2012 @ 21:12 

Dear Sir,Madam,
Please, Can you help me ?
Have you information and photo`s for me about the village Vadhode.
Thanks a lot,

 Comment:    26-12-2011 @ 16:53 

please, give me a account dictionary

 Name:    Abhijit
 Comment:    8-4-2011 @ 14:41 


Thanks for the timely delivery...I wanted it to be a surprise and you made me achieve it ... thanks !!!!

 Name:    Sonal
 Comment:    31-1-2011 @ 14:22 

i reallu liked your services. the expected document is very detailed and good.

Good job!


 Name:    Tushar Chaudhari
 Comment:    20-3-2009 @ 02:21 

You are doing very good job...........

 Name:    Ravi Mahajan
 Comment:    14-1-2009 @ 07:26 

EJalagon service is timely, friendly, and very professional. From America, I have been sending gifts to my family and relatives on all special occasions. Based on the feedback, their products are authentic, fresh, and of high quality.

Thank you eJalgaon, you help me stay close with my family all year along. Your willingness to serve not only in Jalgaon city but all over the district is appreciated. Keep it up and my best wishes for your continuous success. ***** (5/5 rating)

 Name:    Kapil
 Comment:    9-11-2008 @ 01:01 

Thanks EJalgaon

I am really impressed with the way EJalgaon team handled my service request. It was very prompt service and my kundli was delivered to my email id just in a day.

Thanks and I appreciate

 Name:    Yogesh
 Comment:    18-10-2008 @ 23:23 

Thanks E Jalgaon team for delivering flowers and chocolate in Dhule on time.

 Name:    prashant baviskar
 Comment:    15-4-2008 @ 15:14 

I just typed Jalgaon in google search engine and found your site.
It is very nice attempt.
Thanks and all the best to you.

Prashant Baviskar

 Name:    Punam Mahajan
 Comment:    1-4-2008 @ 10:51 

Thankyou for the prompt service. I am very happy with your service.