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Vastu Oorja Prime Times Magazine

Royal Sweets Mix - 500gms

Katli Mix - 500gms

Chocolate Cake - Half Kg

Black Forest Cake Half Kg

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.):

How do I pay?
We accept all major International and Indian credit cards and Debit cards.
You can also choose to pay by Net Banking, Mobile Payments, Cash Card based payment or NEFT/ third party transfer from your existing netbanking Account to our Axis Bank A/c No: 174010200001571 in favour of 'SANTRONIX COMPUTERS", Jalgaon, Ms, India

What are various Delivery aspects?

Jalgaon District:

We deliver to almost all locations, head quarters, major places in Jalgaon District. For a specific station delivery information, please write to us by clicking here. Please click here for detailed listing of Places (Villages and cities) in entire Jalgaon District.

Important Note on Other than Jalgaon city orders:

Kindly ensure that you post your order on prior day morning or maximum until afternoon hours in case you are making order for delivery to other than Jalgaon city. This will ensure timely delivery on next day.

Weekend/ National Holidays Delivery:
Please make sure that you post Sunday delivery and all National Holidays delivery at least 48hours prior to delivery date. This will enable timely execution and delivery of your order on planned date.
Please contact our Support Phones (mentioned on Contact section/ page footer) in case if you are posting order on weekend/ National Holiday day and wish us to deliver on same day. We will review resource availability and confirm back possible execution in such events.

Delivery in event of non-availability of Recipient/ Door locked?
All Orders received are executed during business hours from 9.30am to 8pm in night excluding week ends and national holidays. In event, if order recipient is not present at delivery location, order will be delivered to blood relatives of recipient or to serving staff (if requested by recipient). Please make sure you quote exceptions in delivery note or via separate email, if recipient will be available in specific timing only.
In event, if door is locked at delivery destination or delivery person does not get any response from given delivery address, we will attempt communication with recipient either on mobile phone/ landline or through neighbours. In such if communicating recipient confirms delivery to other person/ location (only nearby location), it shall be delivered.
In event if no communication happens, order will be assumed completed and you will be notified back of this concern. We request posting contact Mobile Numbers in recipient details for clear communication and prompt delivery thereby.

Dhule District:
We deliver to Dhule City and are in process of setting up more places in Dhule district.

Soft-format delivery:
We avail e-mail based delivery of all soft-services like Kundli (Astrology Charts), bulk SMS service, sms short code service and sms long code service.

What are your delivery and other charges ?

There are No additional delivery or handling charges, even on Sundays and other holidays. Our prices are all-inclusive for delivery in specified locations.

What if I forgot to mention Special Message while Ordering?
Don't worry! Send an email along with your Order No and Message to be delivered. We will take rest care to deliver this message while delivering your Order.You can send this email to us by clicking here.

How can I trust that you'll deliver good quality material?
EJALGAON.com is a trusted portal from Santronix Group, region's premier and foremost Computer and Internet, software development, and solutions centre. All products availed in our Online Shop are from topmost and renowned brands and Companies and establishments working in field since last many years. Apart from our own quality checks, our vendors give careful attention to our Orders placed to them. Rest assured, your order is in safe hands.

Is it safe to order online?
From the time you make your selection and enter your credit card details, your transmission is securely encrypted (coded). Our service partners are CCAvenue, India's premier Credit Card Transaction Processing Company.
Unless a "hacker" has very expensive equipment, a lot of bandwidth and inordinate amounts of patience, they are not going to be able to "intercept" your credit card numbers as they fly though the byways of the internet. Even we will never get to see your transaction - it is directly between yourself and the credit card gateway.

Why there is difference between Price shown on Item in $ and that charged on my Credit Card?
The Prices shown in Dollar are approximate prices for your idea only. However, when you actually place an order, the Charges are dependent on that day's Currency Equivalance Rate as compared to Indian Rupees. This may result in a slight difference in Amount acutually charged and that shown in $ in Shop Cart due to fluctuating Prices of Currency.

What name appears on my Credit Card Statement?

We use Credit Card Payment Gateway powered by CCavenue. Therefore, your Credit Card Statement will have either EJalgaon.com or may have name appearing as 'CCavenue.com' or 'Avenues India Pvt. Ltd.' depending on Credit Card Company.

Is my information safe?
Absolutely. Our Customer information privacy is our prime motto. We do not and will never divulge information about any customer to anyone unless required to do so by a Law Enforcement Agency.

Can I add/remove/ order specific Item?
Sure! Please write to us for your specific Item query along with quantity you wish to place order for. According to availability, we will inform you the status and period required thereof.

Can I Send Personalised Message along with my order?
Sure! Your every Order accompany a Greeting! This Greeting consist of your Name, Location, Person to whom you are gifting along with your personalised message.

I have more queries ! Can I talk to someone ?
Certainly. Feel free to call us at +91-257-2222587, +91-9422282482, +91-9823508278

E-mail support | Phone Support: +91-257-2222587, +91-94222-82482, +91-98230-31000